Missy Price and Mike Allen got married July 24 2004 in
St. Peter's Church in the Village of Caverswall in Staffordshire England.

Signing the Register.
Signing the Register:
Best Man Justin Tunstall; Bride Missy Price;
Groom Mike Allen; Father of the Bride Tom Price.

Outside the church as Missy & Mike have just exited.
Outside St. Peter's Church, just after the Bride and Groom have exited.
Just married.
Missy and Mike, just married outside St. Peter's.
Tom, Margaret, Missy & Mike.
Tom and Margaret Price (Missy's Parents) with Missy and Mike.
Tom, Margaret & Missy.
Outside St. Peter's Church.
Missy & Mike, holding tight.
Just Married. Mike holds on tight just to make sure.
Missy & Mike outside the church.
Missy and Mike outside the church.
Emelye throwing confetti.
Emelye Baren throwing confetti on the Bride.
The five cakes...
Yes, there were five wedding cakes...
Missy made the top three and Mike made the other two.
Missy & Mike toasting.
Missy and Mike toasting each other.
Andy Lapham at the reception.
Wedding Guest Andy Lapham.
Paul Lucking at the reception.
Wedding Guest Paul Lucking.
Caroline Baren at the reception.
Wedding Guest Caroline Baren.
Tom price at the reception.
Tom Price enjoying a glass of wine.

Harry & Tom enjoying a glass at the reception.
Harry Bous and Tom Price
on the newly-installed deck at the reception
(Missy & Mike hadn't yet had time to put the finishing touches
to the fence panels; too busy organising a wedding).

Sue Bowles at the reception.
Wedding Guest Sue Bowles.
Paul & Linda Lucking at the recption.
Wedding Guests Paul and Linda Lucking.
Freezing our guests at the reception.
It was a cold July day... the furs and blankets were brought out.
But thanks to Greg & Jane we were soon warm & toasty
under the patio heater wedding gift!
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